It all began with a Moroccan argan oil brand that was co-created by our very own founder. Upon his departure he knew he couldn’t drop his passion for creating the best hair products available. With this in mind he created Moroccan Gold Series with the goal to produce a line of luxury argan oil hair products that tops every other company in the industry. They wanted to find out what their competition was doing that could be improved upon so that the women who used their products would have the best possible results. The founders began to perform market research to discover what women were unhappy with when using other argan oil products. Upon completion, the research revealed that women were tired of their products having “chemical-like smells” and a “greasy”, “heavy” feeling after use. This is where Moroccan Gold Series began to set themselves apart.

Our founders teamed with a group of chemists to create the perfect blend of ingredients while eliminating the negative elements that other hair products caused. This has led to the creation of the very best and high quality, 100% pure argan oil hair products that are on the market today.

On top of 100% argan oil, Moroccan Gold Series products are sulfate-free and enriched with keratin, vitamins, and antioxidants, immediately making your hair feel lighter, healthier and silkier.

Give your natural hair a boost every day when you use our unique, unparalleled line of pure Moroccan argan oil hair products.

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