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Hair Mask Treatment

The Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask is ideal for dry and damaged hair. Argan oil and keratin components work together to rejuvenate hair that has been damaged by heat and chemical or coloring treatments. The Hair Mask Formula is completely salt-free. After shampooing, apply a generous amount of the Hair Mask throughout hair, wait 5-7 minutes, and rinse.

Tip: For exceptional results, use this product along with the Gold Series Moroccan Style Salt-Free Shampoo.

Salt-Free Shampoo

With a formula rich in antioxidants and protein from argan oil and enriched with keratin, Salt-Free Shampoo actively nourishes the hair root and revives hair. It aids in balancing the PH level of the scalp, leaving hair soft and shiny with a silky touch. It also protects hair color and straightened hair, making it suitable for all hair types treated by any form of chemical processes. Massage the Salt-Free Shampoo into hair for 3 minutes and rinse well.

Tip: For optimal results, use with the Moroccan Style Treatment Mask.

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Hair Type Dry / Normal to Thick, Wavy / Curly
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